Vicki Victorian Pearl

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The quintessential matriarch of all bodices. She probably inspired all the variations that came later. The elegant yet sensuous subtle detailing of the main body reminiscent of Victorian satin brocade is hand carved iridescent cream colored glass. Each button carefully made in a separate firing then balanced on treacherous glass lace noodles and fired again and yet again to mold it to the hand sculpted bodice mold. Vicki is framed appropriately on a bed of fur like any proper goddess would be. Size: 25" x 28" x aprx 3"deep.
PS. No animals were harmed - the fur is Faux.
The Goddess Bodice Collection: 
Glass is rather mischievous. It captures your eye and tempts your touch, making it the perfect medium for this tribute to the Feminine. Most days this yumminess just quietly simmers beneath the warmth of a secret smile. When it blossoms into its full deliciousness, it's like a sparkling start just waltzed in to light up the room.

The Inspiration: I think most boudoir and ensuite art is often non existent, boring or potentially embarrassing. I used to take Burlesquercise and belong to a goddess group. Maybe it's just my Scorpio nature. I only know that once I learned the technique to sculpt my own molds I was excited to get started on this collection. It's meant to be fun, to stir up smiles and remind each goddess of her own yumminess. Whatever other mischief unfolds is up to the viewer. Enjoy!   Jeweliyana