Meet the Artist (Jeweliyana Reece)

Artist - Jeweliyana Reece

I'm the happy "mad scientist" behind everything here at Infused Artwork. I paint and also work with fused glass. These two very different mediums keeps things interesting and definitely influence each other. The print patterns were inspired by the art itself. Playing with images one night I discovered a whole new world that takes the original to an entirely new realm of awesome.

  • Fused Glass Art

    I've been exploring different mediums for as long as I can remember. Pottery, batik, painting, interior decorating and then I found glass. I thought that would be my final landing pad but the universe had other plans. The little plates I started with evolved into paintings completely made of glass. Instead of dipping a brush into paint, I cut & fit each piece of glass together like making a puzzle. Then I'd paint with enamels and frit (like painting with a spoonful of sand) It can be rather intense work.

    Glass Art 
  • Original Paintings

    The more I painted with glass, the further I wanted to take it. You cant mix glass to get color like with paint and the calling of those yummy texturing mediums was just too loud to ignore. It's new, exciting and challenging. It's still me with all the color, depth and texture that I love about glassing. The happy mad scientist is alive and well and loving her new play toys. See the Messages From Mother Nature series for more on that.

    Acrylic Paintings 
  • Printed Art Products

    20 years in the promotional products industry and studying interior design have influenced my art too. Complimentary patterns that are similar but different (my fave) were not an easy find when I studied designing. Now, thanks to technology, with images of my 2D art I can create patterns that often look nothing like their origins. They're perfect for things like home decor, lifestyle items and fun fashion.

    Printed Art Goodies