Meet the Artist

Images of Artist Jeweliyana Reece
 I'm Jeweliyana. The artist and happy "mad scientist" behind everything here at Infused Artwork. I create in glass fusing, painting and digital design.
Growing up in Calgary at the base of Rockies, it might've been easy to take it all for granted but travelling has taught me how lucky I am to call this place home. The inspiration here is endless, from the patterns in snowflakes dancing down on a cozy winters day to the texture of bark on a tree or the crazy color it turns in the spring. I can rarely make it through a walk without pulling out the camera.

I've been cherry picking classes, learning techniques and exploring for as long as I can remember. Pottery, batik, water color, interior decorating and then I found glass. I thought that would be my final landing pad but the universe had other plans. Painting (thankyou glass factory closing and a surprise knee injury in 2017) and Digital Design (thankyou Covid and the introduction to NFT’s) have found their way into my creative life.

The person who said “You can’t have it all” never dared to try. Even if you don’t get it all, it’s a waaaay juicer life and maybe that’s the whole point in the first place.


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