Glass Art

Glass is the medium that started it all here at InFused Artwork. Jeweliyana opened a glass studio in 2010 and dove in to the study of kiln formed glass art, particularly the world of glass fusion. She calls fused glass the 'sweet spot' between blown glass and stained glass because it is cut cold like stained glass but then heated in kilns to the molten hot temperatures that glass blowers work with. When most people think of fused glass they think of things like serving dishes and suncatchers but inspiration intervened and here you will find fused glass paintings, wall art, sconces and even lamps and large custom installation pieces. Click on the image links below to explore the different collections. To inquire about a sold out piece or a custom commission please email  Thanks! Enjoy!

Framed Glass Paintings

Glass Wall Art & Sconces

Light Shades and Lamps

Home Décor Statement Pieces

Serving Dishes

Custom Commissions and Installations