Home Décor

Creating a space in your home that feels good is a great way to start. Decorating with items you love adds personality and feel good vibes. It makes your home an inviting place to relax and rejuvenate after a busy day. You deserve huggable, pretty pillows and soft napkins to wipe your mouth. Art is meant to lift your spirits and distract you from thoughts even if only for a minute. Sometimes that's all it takes to shift a mood. The designs in these collections were created by Jeweliyana with images of her original art. They're colorful and intriguing making it easy to create a welcoming ambiance you'll want to hang out in.

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The Inspiration behind

What makes our home decor different?

Each pattern is inspired by art. Jeweliyana's works with select images of her originals and creates new digital works that are only available in print. Like the red glass trees in her 'Tree Lover at Heart' Collection. They were the inspiration for the Aztec Tartan, Sweater Weather and Frosty's Gloggenstein prints.

Make Everyday Awesome

You're Worth It!

Ambiance starts with the little things. It's nice to sit down to a meal at a cheerful table even if it's just a mac 'n cheese night. Cloth napkins have a way of making you feel special. That's why fancy restaurants use them. Placemats 'n table cloths add a special touch to every day dining and set the stage for your fanciest affairs.


Express Yourself

Bold IS Beautiful!

Color is a key element that sets the ambiance of a room. The whole point of
a neutral color palette is to give you the flexibility to transform your space with
ease each season. Vibrant red pillows or sunny yellow table linens add warmth
in winter. Blues 'n greens keep it fresh when summer's on the scene. Something
as simple as a couple new throw pillows and a plant can make all the difference.


Something for Every Budget

.Canvas Prints

Buying canvas art prints from artists gives you the opportunity to enjoy their art at a fraction fo the cost. Some even sign and number them making it a lot more exclusive than big box store,mass produced, works. Thanks to technology, some prints now are actually 'the original' and not copies of an artwork. They're created exclusively for print using digital technology.