From Nature & Nurture

Jeweliyana' creates such interesting layers and depth in each piece. I've never seen anything like it. The glass changes depending on the light. It's like having two pieces of art in one!

Maribel Benson

I've received more compliments on my new vegan leather bag than I can count. It's easy to clean and sanitize. My favorite travel bag. I LOVE it!

Jacqueline Bellerose


2022 Charity Project. Feathers kept finding me on my daily walks and I'd been wanting to make some glass ones for awhile. Walking past all those orange ribbons tied to the school fences inspired this years collection and donation recipient. The Elizabeth Fry Society YYC. Want to see them? Hit that button :)


Mad Scientist at Play

I've been a happy mad scientist my whole life, that's what makes glass so enticing to me. But I've never been one to color inside the lines and my heart also says "Paint!" When I was a kid I wanted to design wallpaper and fabric. Probably because I love interior decorating and could never find the complimentary patterns I dreamed of. So here we are at InFused Artwork where a little bit of that 'Follow your dreams’ magic is infused in to everything