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Welcome! As you can tell, I like things on the bright side, be it color palette or attitude. "There's always room for more smiles in the world!" - Jeweliyana

Infused Art Work is a place where you can peruse and purchase original Glass Art, Paintings and fun printed items created by Jeweliyana Reece. Check out some of our more popular collections below or visit the Happy Place for some uplifting items. Want to play with glass too? Check out the Classes page for updates.

Glass is Sooo Delicious!

I often photograph a piece of glass art in two different lightings and people will think it is two separate pieces of art. Capturing the magic and beauty with photography alone is challenging. It really is more of an experiential relationship, best enjoyed through the intimacy of your own eyes in person. Here's a few links to my glass art below. You'll see what I mean. Cheers!

I've never been known to color on the page never mind inside the lines!

If my middle name was " how can we?" growing up then it's no surprise that I'm a "The plot always thickens" kinda gal now. I LOVE texture and translucency. Painting in glass definitely feeds that. But each creation inspires the next aka 'that thickening plot thing'. This led me to the wonderful tactile world of palette knife painting and beyond. Beyond is where my creative heart loves to play with patterns, décor and wearables. Things like the LOVE 'n Fun Collection and Rainbow Wild.

"Happy" Mad Scientist at play!

Behind the Scenes

Covid masks have nothing on this! Stay safe. Play safe.

Show Time!

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