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Large Fused Glass Decor Bowl - I AM Forever

Large Fused Glass Decor Bowl - I AM Forever

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One of a kind Fused Glass Art Décor Bowl with a message written and encoded in it. Textured on backside. Smooth on the surface, layered with bubbles and sparkles of blue greens and clear sprinkled with dichroic glass. 

The message written reads: I am but one little sparkling perspective, part of an infinite magnificent wholeness. When I'm done here (Me) will have left it's imprint on the planes of existence for other (You) and (I's) to draw inspiration from. (I) will continue its dance through the Energy Fields of Forever 'til Eternity. So Hum. Namaste  

Size: 18.5" x 2"

*This is a handmade artisan piece. Inventory changes constantly. To confirm availability for this one  of a kind piece Click Here. 

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