Indigo Beauty - Vegan Leather Large Shoulder Bag

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Navy and indigo have always been considered rather serious corporate colors but that doesn't mean they can't be pretty too. Let your lighter side sparkle through with this stylish vegan leather shoulder bag. The artwork on this handbag was created by artist Jeweliyana Reece. Inspired from her 'Messages from Mother Nature' collection. You can see the original cyanotype sun print that inspired it in the photos section for this purse.  Similar yet different, it's exclusive to the print world and this website. You won't find a navy shoulder bag like this at any retail store. These handbags for women were created exclusively for InFused Artwork. 

Made with 100% high-grade Vegan leather, this custom shoulder bag is durable, spacious and comfortable. Comes with gold colored zipper 'n buckles with polyester lining. Available in 2 sizes. 
Note: This product is made in China. You may be required to pay duty/taxes upon delivery depending on which country you receive it in. I live in Canada and mine arrived in my mailbox nice and easy - no added costs.