Fabric Design

When I was a kid I thought the perfect job for me would be to design fabric patterns and wallpaper. Back then it was just a pipe dream, college wasn't in the cards so off to the corporate world I went. Being an artist at heart, I played with a lot of different mediums over the years until I found my way to glass. The vibrancy of translucent color calls to me and is a key inspiration for my digital designs. I also paint and love home decor. Creating interest and a welcoming ambiance within a space is the best part! That space doesn't even have to be a room. Sometimes it's a canvas, pillow or even a purse.

My signature style is colorful geometric'ish' fractal'ish patterns created from images of my original artworks (glass and paintings) They're meant to be mixed 'n matched to add that extra spark of fun to your decor or outfit. If you have questions regarding licencing these designs or having a signature collection created just for you, please contact me at info@infusedartwork.com PH: (403) 701 3378  
Pattern Design for imprint. colors aqua and brown with a modern western theme
Surface Pattern Design Composite for Boho Chic and beauty abounds patterns
Surface Pattern Design Compsoite for Aint My first Rodeo CollectionSurface Pattern Design Composite for Desert Rose Collection