Adult Art Classes - Glass Fusing & Painting

You don't have to consider yourself a "creative type"  in order to come play with glass or to try your hand at painting. No experience required.
Whether it's your first adventure or you've been playing for years you will find your stride and create something wonderful.
Classes are held in my home studio in Altadore, SW. Calgary.
Small class size.    
To register for a class please send us an Email. Thanks! Jeweliyana
Happy Hour Fused Glass Class
July 13th, Aug 10th or Sept 28th(12:00pm to 5:00pm)
Price: Based on the shape you choose.
Olive dish shape (16x4) $170.00, Bread platter (18x6) $220.00, Set of 2, 6" appy plates $130.00, 6 x 12 rectangle server $130.00 or 8" round $130.00
Create your own Happy Hour Serving Dishes in this fun afternoon class. Participants are welcome to bring their own happy hour beverage to enjoy while creating. Ask me about private parties with wine and cheese samplings. 
 To register or inquire about a class please email me
 July 16th(2spots) ,17th or Aug 14th (6:00pm to 9:30pm)
Abstract glass art class

Price is based on project: 6" Appy plate $65.00 per person, 5"x 7" Abstract picture $80.00, 8"x 10" Abstract pic $160.00
This is a fun introduction into the magical world of glass fusion. Perfect for girls night out, date night or team building events. Each person creates a a project of their choosing using pre-cut pieces of glass. You don't need a plan, just show up ready for some fun with glass. 

  To register or inquire please email me
July 20th or Aug 17th (11am to 5:30pm)
Adult art classes calgary fused glass

Price is based on shape choice: 11.5" x 11.5" square or round server or 4 appy plates $270.00, 18" x 6" Bread Platter $230.00, 20"x 7.5" large oval platter $385.00, 13" x 3" bowl $510.00, 15" x 15" large square decor platter $510.00, 12 x16 Framed wall art abstract. $410.00
For everyone who's dreamed of that bowl, that platter. Come learn the art of color balancing & basic design while you create your own larger glass art. All supplies and a midclass, snack break included. Small class size: Min 4/ Max 6 people. Prerequisite: Attended one class with me before.
  To register or inquire please email me


Perfect for weddings, birthdays, date night gatherings and team building events. Classes can be held in my studio or at your location.
Contact me to discuss options.
Pricing, length and # of participants is based on project size.
Small (ie. appy plates or suncatchers) is min 8 people. Aprx 2 to 3 hours
Medium (ie. 6x12 rectangle server, set of appies, 8" round, olive dish or bread platter) min 7 people. Aprx 4 to 5 hours
Large project (ie.12 x12 Server) min 4 people. Aprx 5 to 6 hours.
Larger more complicated pieces are available as a special projects class. 
For Offsite classes, there is a $100 packing/transport/set up fee.
Organizers get there piece at 20% off.

 To register or inquire about a class please email me

(6:00pm to 8:30pm

This class is kinda like playing Tetris but waaaaay cooler. Main color can be crystal clear or full color with your choice of deely bop colors. These can be made in any Happy Hour or Appy Plate Class - See above for dates or check with Paint Ur Art Out store downtown, YYC.
This class can be adapted to be an online or in person Team Building Event. Email me for more information.


Have something you wish you could make but it isn't a regular class? A lamp shade, larger platter, or stand-alone art piece? Contact me and if we can make it happen, we will. Price is based on a per project basis. Pre-requisite: Must have taken a class with me prior to this class. Classes are held in Jeweliyana's home studio in Altadore, Calgary. 
 To register or inquire about a class please email me

Cancellation Policy:

Life happens, I get it, but due to the fact that classes are small, last minute empty seats can make or break whether it's feasible or not. So to cover you and make it possible for me to continue to offer classes, this is our policy. Thanks for understanding.
-  Cancellations due to illness or emergency within 7 days of class date, will receive one 'Do over', meaning 
that, you can sign up for a second class date when you are able. If you have to cancel that one too, there is no refund or another do over. If your do over class is cancelled by Infused Artwork you would receive an extension. No refund for no shows or cancelations within 48 hours unless authorized by InfusedArtwork at their discretion based on circumstances.