Chill Babe - Crystal Snowflake Leggings

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There's something about being Cool that makes you Hotter. Crazy right?! The Chill Babe leggings epitomize that vibe. The pattern design started out super hot (like 1300 degrees hot) in a kiln. So whether your melting in to bliss at hot yoga or just chillin on the sofa, these super comfy soft leggings have got you covered.  
*Chill Babe Snowflake Leggings design is an Infused Artwork original inspired by some fused glass snowflakes created by artist Jeweliyana.
95% Polyester brushed suede  5% spandex leggings are perfect for chillin, playin, or any casual occasion. Runs true to size.

Width at waist, in 13.50 14.53 15.51 16.77 18.27 19.76
Outseam length, in 38.27 38.62 39.02 39.37 39.76 40.16
Inseam length, in 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.04 30.00 30.00