Aztec Tartan - Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag

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There once was a sassy lassy who could never quite follow the rules, even her tartan colored outside the lines. Aztec Tartan vegan leather bags, an ode to the babes that walk to the beat of their own drum. Rock it in Red! - You know you wanna! 

Each designer purse starts with Art. Aztec Tartan was inspired by a fused glass red tree landscape Jeweliyana made. From an image, she creates a digital design that looks nothing like its predecessor. Available in print or digital form only.

Made with 100% high-grade Vegan leather, this custom shoulder bag is durable, spacious and comfortable. Comes with gold colored zipper 'n buckles with polyester lining. Easily wipes clean making it a great travel bag. Available in 2 sizes. 

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