NFT's are the newest way to bring art to the world. In fact, I believe it's how art will, one day, find its way in to outer space. How cool is that?

So what IS an NFT? and more importantly WHY would you want one?

A quick nutshell of WHAT is further down this page.  I'm more excited about the 'WHY' 

Here's why:

Creating art in digital form can be as simple as taking a picture of a painting and selling it as an NFT, basically a digital cousin to an art print. Where it gets exciting is that I start with an original piece of art I've made and then digitally edit it into a new digital original that doesn't exist anywhere but on a computer. It's not a copy of anything, it becomes its own original AND!! some of it can move! Like the Van Gogh immersive show.  One of my faves is KALEIDOSCOPE'S!!!  I can imagine people dancing on them or meditating depending on the  design. 

  'NFT' stands for 'non fungible token'  It is basically a digital asset that serves as a secure record of ownership for items stored on a blockchain ledger. You can actually buy a house or car or movie with it or anything really but for now and for my part in it, its about  the ART, ... keep reading. 

NFT's can only be purchased with crypto currency right now but you can use USD to buy your crypto.  There are plenty of places to get a wallet (like Metamask) and exchanges to purchase your crypto. I won't get in to the "how to" stuff. Its a fast exciting and moving technology. You can google how to safely buy crypto. The currency you can purchase my NFT art ( and one of the most common currencies that is being used in the *Metaverse ) is Ethereum.

*The Metaverse is pretty much the new internet unfolding before us. A place that Facebook just put 10 BILLION dollars in. A place where you will no longer just have a profile. Its a 3D world where you'll have an avatar and can visit virtual galleries around the world or own virtual homes and things - crazy right? even I can only barely begin to get it. I just know it is going to be bigger than any of us can even imagine.