Welcome to the Happy Place. Time to get your Happy ON!

Here you'll find:

- Tips and tricks I use to get my happy on
- Info about fun collaboration projects I'm up to
- Items with inspirational quotes n daily reminders to help you rock your happy vibes too.

     Gratitude Journals          BeYOUtiful YOU Collection

    You can skip the reading and go straight to the goodies if you want to - just click the image links above.

    Tips n Tricks

    Get Outta Your Head
    - Go for a walk. It might not solve all your problems but it does wonders to distract, which improves your mood and when you feel better it's amazing how the solution presents itself.
    - Meditation is an awesome tool in your happy kit too. It's a great way to start your day because it sets the mood for the rest of the day. There's all kinds of free ones on YouTube. Try a few until you find one you like and go from there. Short is Sweet - 15 mins is long enough. Some days you'll get there and some days you won't. It's all good. Be kind to yourself 'n take it one day at a time. 
    Start a Gratitude Journaling Practice
    There's more on how to in the link above.

    Do Something You LOVE To Do
    Like make ART! if that calls to you. I like to Cook sometimes so stay tuned for new recipes I'll be sharing soon. 

    Perspective is Everything.
    I get to vs I have to are very different vibes. Imagine not being able to walk for example. You'll never be so happy to take the garbage out again, just because you can. See what I mean. Ask me how I know that. Lol. 

    Be KIND to YOU
    Pretend you are your own life coach. Would you beat yourself up ever time you didn't get it right? Encourage yourself. We are all here to live n learn. 

    The more ways we can find to improve our own mood the better we feel and the biggest contribution anyone can ever be is JOY. If the scientist's who discover the cures for the world  were so depressed they couldn't get outta bed and hit the lab, where would we be? It's a no brainer that happy people are uplifting to be around so maybe its enough and its absolutely OK for each of us to do what we need to do to be happy.

    So with all this in mind, I created  a small selection of items that can be used as daily reminders of how lucky and blessed we really. Whatever you do, where ever you are at, know that I am not the only person grateful that you are in this world having this life experience at the same time as me. You are shining your light where you go. Enjoy Your Life! That's what we came for.

    You are the Magic!