Angel Feathers

Fused glass angel feather suncatchers
If you knew me, you'd know I have a 'thing' for angels.
We've all got them in our infield whether we believe it or not. Sometimes they show up in the form of a human, at the perfect moment, and give us the answer we've been looking for. Some are watching over us from the non-physical realm helping out in ways we can't even imagine. 
Feathers often find me on my walks, not just little ones, not even common ones. I've had them dance down and land on my windshield in busy downtown traffic and even show up in my studio outta the blue!
There seemed to be an extra amount of them showing up around the time the news broke about the residential school tragedies’. I would walk by those orange ribbons tied to school yard fences and be thinking about all those little angels that didn’t get to live very long or joyful lives.
This is what inspired this new series and why I chose to donate to Elizabeth Fry Society.

Each feather is $111 ( An Angel #) and $44 (another powerful angel #)
is being donated to Elizabeth Fry Society YYC. They help indigenous moms and kids out of bad situations and back on their feet.  

If you would like to purchase an angel feather, please email me and let me know which style you’d like from the images below or check to see what other colors may be available. Custom commission colors available as well.

In Memory of all the angels we’ve lost over the years and especially the little ones.
                                                                                         Thanks!  Jeweliyana

Angel Feather Suncatchers made of glass