Fused Glass Paintings

Jeweliyana creates each fused glass painting exclusively with glass.
Imagine, that instead of dipping a brush in paint and stroking it on the canvas to make a shape, having to cut and grind each individual brushstroke out of glass. That is the first step in her process. Each piece is then embellished with a high fire liquid glass which is like writing on a cake with icing. Once dry, she carves in the finer details. Next, each one is sand painted with smashed up tiny particles of glass (called frit). Finally a paint brush is used to carefully clean frit off the trunks and border. Then it's off to the kiln for firing.  Aprx 24 hours later they're at last, ready for framing.

If you are interested in a piece that is SOLD OUT it may be possible to commission something similar, please email us at info@infusedartwork.com
THANKS! Enjoy!

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Landscapes 'n Trees
Polar Bears