About Me


I'm Jeweliyana. I'm an artist and a happy "mad scientist" at heart. I've always loved to explore, create and question things. I think "How?" was my middle name as a child. That has evolved into "How CAN we? and "How CAN we make it fun?"
I've been creating "full time" since 2010 when I opened InFused Glass Works to explore the enticing awesome world of glass fusion. Never being one to color inside the lines, I also paint and love to design things - like patterns for imprint and digital art NFT's. Inspiration calls us in many ways. The journey that unfolds when one follows their heart is a wild and wonderful ride. So far it has led me to YOU!
Thank you for finding your way to my website. Enjoy!
If you have any questions for me about my process, a custom commission or would like to see a certain motif that is offered on one item but not another just send me an email.

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